Shazz distributing literature in Liberty Plaza during Occupy Wall Street

Ten Bone Press is a pirate press. As pirates, we do not believe wisdom can or should be copyrighted. We believe there exists in society an intellectual commons. And we stand with all those who wish to claim this inheritance through any means necessary.

To be human is to know humanity.

We believe that our world is shaped by ideas, that the written word is still the best vehicle for such ideas, and that narratives give them currency.

We also sometimes still believe in the Oxford comma.

More importantly, we believe in you. Which is why we make all of our media free on a voluntary purchase basis.

Asking no permissions, we have no right to grant any. Taking all liberties, we share with you the freedoms they entitle;

  • the freedom to think for yourself
  • the freedom to be peaceful
  • the peace that freedom brings

Yours in fact & fiction,



S.B. Baric